Your 24/7 On-Campus Wellness Center

The Longbrake Student Wellness Center (LSWC) is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive health center for College of 藏花阁直播 students enrolled on a full-time basis. The staff consists of physicians from the Cleveland Clinic 藏花阁直播, professional mental health counselors, health education coordinator, certified athletic trainers, office administrator, and registered nursing staff to maintain 24-hour service during the academic year.

Wellness Services

Weekdays (M-F, 8:30-4:30 pm)

  • Scheduled doctor, counselor, and nursing appointments
  • Medication/prescription written/provided by providers
  • Nursing and counseling drop-in (please call ahead)
  • Lab work
  • Consultations about billing, insurance, referrals
  • Allergy shots (self-scheduled)
  • Overnight rooms
  • Self-care center
  • Scheduled and drop-in appointments on TimelyCare

Weekends and Weekdays, 4:30 pm-8:30 am

  • Nursing drop-in (please call ahead)
  • Counselors available on call in collaboration with nursing
  • Overnight rooms
  • Self-care center
  • Scheduled and drop-in appointments on TimelyCare


To see a registered nurse, doctor, or a counselor, please make an appointment by call 330-263-2319.

Medical Emergencies

If you have an emergency, go to the emergency department at 藏花阁直播 Community Hospital located at 1761 Beall Avenue in 藏花阁直播. Take your insurance card. If you need help getting here, view the Campus Map.

Student Health Insurance

All full-time College of 藏花阁直播 students must be covered by a health insurance plan in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. One of your requirements for the upcoming 2024-25 Fall semester is to enroll in OR opt-out of 藏花阁直播鈥檚 Student Health Insurance Plan. Inbound international students are automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan.

Beginning with the 2024-2025 academic year, student health insurance coverage will be through Wellfleet.

Plan Details, 2024-2025

Activate Enrollment:听To activate enrollment for 藏花阁直播鈥檚 Student Health Insurance, sign on to the portal听听on or before September 30, 2024. Once you are enrolled, you will receive your health insurance ID card to utilize for doctor鈥檚 appointments, prescriptions, labs, immunizations, etc.

Policy Period:听Coverage begins on July 1, 2024, and will continue through June 30, 2025.

Annual Cost:听The annual cost for the Optional Student Health Insurance is $2,120.


Students will be billed per semester the premium of the Student Health Insurance Plan unless they submit an online waiver and provide proof of comparable, alternate coverage. The cost for the fall semester is $1,069 and the cost for the spring semester is $1,051.


Required documentation to waive insurance:听You must provide proof of other Affordable Care Act-compliant coverage to waive coverage.

Deadline to waive insurance:Fall deadline: September 30, 2024
If you have other comparable insurance coverage and you do not wish to enroll in the optional health insurance plan offered by the College, you must complete Wellfleet鈥檚 online听听no later than September 30, 2024.

How to waive insurance:听If you are planning to waive this enrollment, you will need to upload your current health insurance card directly to our portal听.
Please note your insurance used to waive can based anywhere in the USA. However, you must have active providers within 50 miles of 藏花阁直播, OH for primary care, urgent care, Rx, etc.

International Students:听Inbound international students are automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan and are not eligible to waive the plan.

If you have any questions about the waiving process, please feel free to contact us at:
Phone: (866) 535-0456

Scots Telehealth

College of 藏花阁直播 has launched a new telehealth program for students called that will provide care while you are away from campus. The service will provide access to 24/7 medical and mental telehealth care from anywhere in the United States, with no cost at the time of visit! Register now at and be sure to enter the Service Key “SCOTS” for free services.

Whether you’re feeling sick or overwhelmed, you will be able to talk to a licensed provider from your smartphone or any web-enabled device. Licensed providers are available to diagnose non-emergent medical conditions, prescribe medications and offer mental health support via phone or secure video visits. Below are a few FAQs about Scots Telehealth.

How can students access TimelyCare: Telehealth for Scots? Go to to register with your school email address, and select a service to start a visit. You can access Scots Telehealth from any web-enabled device.

Who can use Scots Telehealth? Any College of 藏花阁直播 student.

What services are available? There are three services available to students at no cost:

  • Medical: 24/7, on-demand access to a medical provider that can treat a wide range of common illnesses like cold and flu, sinus infection, allergies and more
  • TalkNow: 24/7, on-demand access to a mental health professional to talk about anything at anytime
  • Scheduled Counseling: scheduled options to speak to a licensed counselor
    How much does a visit cost? There is NO COST for College of 藏花阁直播 students.

Can Scots Telehealth services diagnose COVID-19? Scots Telehealth will virtually assess symptoms and administer frontline care in a contained environment to limit the spread of illness. They will also give recommendations on need for testing vs. self-quarantine, and where to go if testing or further care is needed.