Lowry Center Operations

Below is a snapshot of the phases of construction along with a schedule of temporary relocations of services and offices and when we expect a return to their permanent locations in Lowry Center.

Follow Transformation Progress

  • Spring 2021: Relocation of existing Lowry offices and services. Dining, C-Store, Post Office, Copy Center will remain until May 10, 2021.
  • Summer 2021-Summer 2022: Phase I construction of new 8,000 sq. ft atrium and renovation of main and lower levels. Phase II construction begins on upper level in summer 2022.
  • Fall 2022-Spring 2023: Construction is completed on main and lower levels and offices and services begin to return to their permanent locations. Phase II construction continues on upper level.
  • January 2023: Construction on the renovated and expanded Lowry Center is scheduled to be completed by early January 2023, prior to the start of the spring semester. All services and offices move to their permanent locations in Lowry Center.

Temporary Relocation Schedule

Lowry Center will close its doors for in summer 2021, and offices and services currently located in the building will move to temporary locations across campus. Details on the specific moves are listed below.

ServiceTemporary LocationOccupancy Dates
Dining碍颈迟迟谤别诲驳别听May 10-August 2, 2021
Lowry (Upper Level)August 2, 2021-May 16, 2022
KittredgeMay 16-July 29, 2022
Dining Managers' OfficesAultz House & Lowry CenterMarch 23, 2021-July 29, 2022
C-StoreKittredgeMay 10, 2021-July 29, 2022
Mom'sNo ServiceMay 10, 2021-July 29, 2022
Residence LifeHider HouseApril 12, 2021-January 6, 2023
Student ActivitiesGrosjean HouseApril 5, 2021-January 6, 2023
Lowry Center Building ManagerMcGaw, Room 102April 5, 2021-July 29, 2022
Woo91Luce Hall, Room 016March 23, 2021-July 29, 2022
The VoiceLuce Hall, Room 010March 23, 2021-January 6, 2023
WAC & Scot CouncilCompton HallMarch 23, 2021-January 6, 2023
WAC: Room 005
Scot Council: Room 007
BookstoreGault Schoolhouse Multi-Purpose RoomApril 15, 2021-July 29, 2022
Post OfficeGault Schoolhouse Multi-Purpose RoomMay 10, 2021-July 29, 2022
Copy CenterRemote OperationsMay 10, 2021-July 29, 2022

Need to find a Meeting Space?

We’ve opened up several other places for meetings and events. All spaces that are available to request are in聽. 鈥淓xpress Scheduling鈥 can be used for same day聽meetings or study spaces聽that have a single occurrence and do not require any setup. Simply click the drop down in the 鈥淓xpress Scheduling鈥 field to see the list of available options. If you are looking to schedule an聽event or recurring meetings, you will need to complete the full 鈥淓vent Form鈥 in 25Live Pro. Complete instructions can be found in the 25Live Pro Training Manual. Any questions about spaces or planning your event should be directed to the College’s Director of Events, Darlene Piper.

About the Lowry Center Renovation and Expansion

Thanks to the generosity of lead donors who have contributed a total of $33 million, 藏花阁直播 has announced plans to move forward with the聽renovation and expansion of Lowry Center.聽The project, intended to maximize the current structure with the efficient re-use of existing spaces, will encompass an 8,000 square foot addition to the front (west-facing side) of the existing building and a renovation of the entire interior, except for The Alley, which was renovated in 2017-2018.鈥嬄燙entral dining will be relocated to the main level to increase its size, accessibility, and overall efficiency. The upper floor will be a centralized home for the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, Dean of Students, Residential Life and Student Activities, as well as a main lounge and flexible workspace for students. The College鈥檚 bookstore, post office, and MacLeod鈥檚 coffee bar and convenience store will join The Alley, radio station and breakout rooms on the lower level.


Please questions regarding the Lowry Center renovation please contact Mike Taylor, associate vice president of facilities, design, and construction, at 330-263-2143 or via email at聽mitaylor@wooster.edu.